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My girlfriend and I are both slogging through Dragon Age 2 at the moment. Unanimous decision (between the two of us) is that this is a huge disappointment. Combat is more enjoyable, and it's great to have the main character talk as in ME, but that's about where the praise ends.

Dull, boring, short (for an rpg), and ultimately anti-climactic.

Good news though... Torchlight came out on Wednesday. Say what you will about it, but I love me a good old-fashioned loot grab. So when exactly is Diablo 3 coming out???

As a side response to Junk there, I think you'll be really happy with Red Dead overall. Good thing here is that you can very easily shy away from the side quests and still have a very enjoyable experience that lasts a good amount of time. Have you tried the multiplayer? Back when I had the game the multi was COMPLETELY broken. Wondering how it is now...

Go Canada!
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