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Originally Posted by unrealrob View Post
As a side response to Junk there, I think you'll be really happy with Red Dead overall. Good thing here is that you can very easily shy away from the side quests and still have a very enjoyable experience that lasts a good amount of time. Have you tried the multiplayer? Back when I had the game the multi was COMPLETELY broken. Wondering how it is now...
im pretty sure "exactly" and "coming out" are not terms that blizzard knows....

just played it a mere 30 minutes to see how it was havent checked it in full, but i do like it a lot. feared the horse handling would be utter frustration but (weirdly) the horses handle WAY better than the cars (the driving in the early mission was what made me hate GTAIV)

i am in love with the ps3 games im playing btw. Uncharted 2 is just amazing. Heavy rain haunts me, and killzone 3 is a cinematic fps dream. i might even give up pc gaming completely if i get enough games going on.

NOTE: that fucking stealth scene in Uncharted 2 is nuts, though.
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