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Originally Posted by Cretaceous Bob View Post
Homefront smelled like ass for the entire PR cycle. They talked too much shit about doing new stuff with an FPS, which is a major, major clue. Big publishers do not back FPSs that do interesting things. Publishers back shitty FPSs and let the PR guys spin that into being unconventional.

Also, it was made by Kaos Studios. FPSs are a very honed craft; if somebody makes a bad one, they will continue to make bad ones. Those dudes made Frontlines: Fuel of War. That game was butt.

I am instead playing Dragon Age II and am a little confused as to why the internet has been running around yelling about the sky falling because of this game. People like to point at EA and shout about how BioWare has fallen, which makes me think nobody remembers Jade Empire.
i was hoping this wasn't the case for Homefront. i just wanted a new FPS where you weren't the invading force. and i forgot all about Frontlines. haha

i played through the first Dragon Age and it was pretty solid other than the basic glitches that seem like they should have been taken care of in the early stages. i plan on getting Dragon Age II
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