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Originally Posted by FletchLives View Post
i played through the first Dragon Age and it was pretty solid other than the basic glitches that seem like they should have been taken care of in the early stages. i plan on getting Dragon Age II
Fletch, I'm not here to talk you out of DA2, but I want to give you a bit of info that I wish I had before I had bought the game.

I'm on my second play-through now, and my opinion hasn't changed. For me, the "political intrigue" that they are trying to go for is entirely transparent and something I'm surprised that came from Bioware. Also, expect repetition. Repetition of enemies, conversation, plot points, equipment, and the worst... environments. While I read that there are something like 10 dungeons total, the way they are reused makes it feel like 3-4. Sure it's a gripe aimed at a lot of rpgs (morrowind/oblivion too), but DA2 just does it really badly.

Last thing I want to do is ask you to think about why you liked DA:O. I enjoyed (some of) the characters, the grand adventure, the story, and the little touches which included a better integration of side-characters and more interesting repercussions from your decisions. DA2 strips all of that away. I'm not saying the game is shit. It's not Daikatana. But it's been a pretty big disappointment to me, my gf, and basically all my friends who have played it. Apparently some people think it's better than the first. I can't imagine how.

Go ahead and take what I say with a grain of salt, since games are purely subjective, but I might suggest a rent before a buy.

Go Canada!
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