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Originally Posted by unrealrob View Post
I'm on my second play-through now, and my opinion hasn't changed. For me, the "political intrigue" that they are trying to go for is entirely transparent and something I'm surprised that came from Bioware. Also, expect repetition. Repetition of enemies, conversation, plot points, equipment, and the worst... environments. While I read that there are something like 10 dungeons total, the way they are reused makes it feel like 3-4. Sure it's a gripe aimed at a lot of rpgs (morrowind/oblivion too), but DA2 just does it really badly.
What's especially bad about DA2 is fucking so much geometry is from DAO. The enemies and armor are all recycled. The fuck is that.

Sure, DA2 isn't up to par with BioWare's other games, just like Jade Empire, but it still kicks everything else in the nuts.

Also, Varric. Love that guy.
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