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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
i think it was great in terms of storyline, especially in a time where most games are so scripted and stiff it hurts.

i liked how they gave weight to decisions and the whole approach was dramatic and layered and NOT cinematic.

but in terms of gameplay. hm. as Cannata said on Weekend Confirmed, the fighting was supposed to be tactics heavy and old school hard, but it did stop my gameplay to a halt at times. Some enemies later in the game were a chore.
We're talking about the first game, right? The first game punishes you if you don't pay attention to building your party's stats correctly and using them properly. Games don't do that anymore, so it's really disorienting for modern gamers.

The game did piss me off when I was playing Nightmare difficulty and I'd gotten through the entire game on Nightmare and I got to hard part at the very end of the game; basically 1 out of 10 times I managed to beat that area, but it froze on me all 3 times I managed to beat it. Finally I was forced to say fuck it and I dropped it down to casual, got past that area, then cranked it back up.
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