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Originally Posted by katamacy View Post
I got a 100% - something I rarely obsess over. It might have been withdrawals from lack of great RPGs, but this was exactly what I was looking for.
First, 100%? Wow. In all honesty, I'm an achievement whore at times, but when I looked up the details of the LO cheevos I knew that game would go unconquered. That is an impressive dedication to an incredibly in-depth and lengthy game. I bow to you. Did you, by any chance, defeat or even meet the Immortal One? Read that thing had somewhere around 180,000 HP haha. Ridiculous.

When you say there was a lack of great RPGs, I'm guessing you mean JRPGs, right? Considering LO is about as old-school as they come this hardware generation. You (or anyone else for that matter) tried Tales of Vesperia or Eternal Sonata? I'm not a fan of the superficial anime asthetic, but I found ToV to be a powerfully entertaining game. Like 9/10 on the Unreal-o-Meter. Sonata was... not as good, in my opinion.

Go Canada!
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