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more games i begun playing with:

- Vanquish: It looks awesome and its fun, but it really has the affliction of lots of japanese action games. which is waaaaaaaay too many cutscenes and weird controls. And its so flashy it could give a seizure even to a non-epileptic person. still it works as a gears on war on speed.

- Stacking: its one of those games where not only i have fun playing but i'm also marveling at how simple yet great the idea is. The old russian picture book look, the sad yet magical atmosphere and the pleasure of exploring are somethign special. its cheap and its awesome.

- The Darkness: the game ois actually cooler than the comic book. nice mixture of horror and pulp shooter. looks a bit dated now, but it still has a charm of its own. And mike patton has one of the best voice perfoirmances ive heard

still have to play Bayonetta. loving red dead more and more.... and God of War 3 is just exhilarating.
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