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Coming to the end of Dead Space 2 - fuckin love this shit. I play it before bed and can't sleep great but its worth it. I love scaring myself and this does it in spades.

Can't decide whether to go back to Red Dead Redemption which I've only played for about 4 hours or start Resident Evil 5 finally. Only 2 weeks till my second child is born so trying to maxmize on the little playing time I get as it is.

I wish my country would stop being a bunch of over-protective idiots and let adults buy adult games for adults to play at adult time. ie; the new Mortal Kombat. I've had every game before and I know they aren't INCREDIBLE but I've enjoyed them all so seeing how much people like this new one makes it suck even harder that we can't get an R18+ rating in place.
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