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Originally Posted by bluecrucial View Post
I was really looking forward to Brink and so far I'm pretty disappointed.

Besides the things most reviews have been listing, I have an ATI card which means the screen likes to turn everything blue.

(I looked up fixes but so far none have worked for me, so I wait patiently for a patch).
One of my friends did buy it tonight, and he's running an nVidia 9800, and he's having a hell of a time with it too. Managed to get it to start once and said it ran beautifully, but then he closed the game to do something else and now can't get it started again.

While he was playing with me, though, it was WAY more fun than trying to play alone. All we did was go through the 1 star challenges so he could get all the basic weapons/mods, but it was pretty enjoyable.

My steam name is thirdchildikari (I think, it may be FluxQuanta -- I know that's my display name and I'm in the KATG steam group) if you want to give it a shot with us.
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