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Originally Posted by Blitzgal View Post
I just read the description of Antichrist. This guy has serious sexual issues, IMO. Really fucked up sexuality in every single one of his movies. It cannot be a coincidence.

I tried to watch Dogville but couldn't get past the pretentiousness of filming a movie on a stage like it's a play.
probably but also people who handled him when hes not in movie mode, say he's a very calm and understated person. i think he just expresses mysoginy and hatred in movies as a catharsis.

plus he is very good technically, like SERIOUSLY good ("breaking the waves" is insane to look at on a cinematography level) but he also happens to be notoriously self absorbed and spiteful. and to have a fanbase which reputes him a genius, especially because he is a hideous man.

theres a lot of controversial directors in central europe but none of them is as spiteful as he is in public appearances.
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