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Family Trouble Help Please

The good- my family had a going away party for me this weekend, all relatives from both sides invited, great!

The bad- one of my cousins has messed up kids, high school drop outs (and proud of it) into drugs, country hicks. So yea they came and I really though nothing of it.
Well when a friend of mine was leaving she and her husband couldn't find her Nano. He left it in his motorcycle helmet with his gloves. The only people that were out in the garage for most of the time was my cousins oldest son and his girlfriend. This is the same kid that his own aunts won't leave their purses alone with because money has gone missing from them.

My question is should I call and confront the bastard and burn some bridges in the process. Or should I just leave it be.
I am really mad and hurt that this happened at my own house and feel very guilty that my friend can't even come over for a family get together and not worry about her shit getting stolen.
I'm moving outta province with no plans on coming back for a while so I have no problems with pissing some people off by accusing them of theft, which I am pretty sure they did do it. Ugh just a bad situation all over.

Thanks for any replies and sorry for the long rambling post

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