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It's taken me awhile to post this.

Remember the game "Saved your life"?
I was 12 and in Girl Guides camp for the weekend. Anna and I had to clean the Outhouse because it was our turn. I pushed her in front of the toilet hole and said "Saved your..." She went HEAD FIRST through the hole into the waste. (I didn't think this would have ever been possible, in fact that's why I thought it was hilarious before it actually happenned). She was screamming and I shoved my arm through the hole to see if she could jump and grab it, she couldn't. I went for help, more like screamming and running for our Leaders.
2hrs, 1 ambulance and a fire truck later she was out of the hole. I felt awful and sobbing told her I was so sorry. She said " It's okay." and gave me a Shitty pissy bear hug (I so deserved it. if not worse). We both then had to strip and get hosed down. She went home early and I was banned from camping trips for a year, my parents were called, I was grounded for a month.
18 yrs later and I still won't play Saved your life.
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