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In defense of PUA and the community.

A lot of the community has been sensationalized and misunderstood. Its not necessarily something sinister, its basically a bunch of nerds that have broken down meeting people into an algorithm, that helps guys who are more awkward get better at meeting women. When I really started looking into the community and all the information that they had and using it for myself I went from being an over 25 virgin to having 5 different sexual partners and one long term girlfriend in the span of six months. Thatís pretty good for a guy that use to constantly stutter in front of any women that he found even remotely attractive, I think. In fact a lot of the great advice given by Keith and Chemda on how to get better with social interactions are core tips given to beginner PUAs.

Some of the misunderstandings; Negs for example arenít suppose to be used on everyone. In fact they stress only using them on 10s (Iíll go into rating if anyone wants, but even the act of rating a woman is actually more mathematical than just how nice her tits are). The idea is if you talk to 100 women youíd probably only use a neg once or twice and only in dire a situation. The point isn't to put a woman down or lower her self-esteem but to at first show disinterest in her. Since extremely beautiful women are approached constantly just sparking a conversation with one is going to put her on high alert; ďThis guy is going to try to get in my pants, let me shoot him down before he even tries." Showing fake disinterest puts her at ease around you so that she can better get to know you, without her guard being up.

Peacocking is simply standing out from the crowd. Ideally the act of peacocking is ironically subtle. Say for example I go to a club and Iím in a business suit. Most people would just see me and naturally think Iím some sort of business man. But lets say Iím in the same suit and I have on black nail polish. Since most women usually notice a mans hands they would notice the black nail polish which isnít really congruent with the suit. So instead of just assuming Iím a business man (because what job that requires a suit would allow black nail polish), my profession is now unknown. This doesnít automatically get her dripping wet and ready to jump into bed with me, but it does make her pause for a second and notice you apart from the crowd. Which makes it all the more easier to start conversation with her.

From body language, to posture, to the tone of your voiceÖ they cover it all and the logic behind is pretty sound and coming from someone who has tried it out, it works.

I will admit that a lot if not all of the examples of pick up lines and techniques arenít worth shit. But if you understand the thought process behind the lines, you can make up your own stuff and be 100% comfortable using it.
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