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Originally Posted by invader View Post
Negs for example aren’t suppose to be used on everyone. In fact they stress only using them on 10s (I’ll go into rating if anyone wants, but even the act of rating a woman is actually more mathematical than just how nice her tits are).
This statement is gross. The whole PUA thing is gross. The "PUA community" deserves every jot of its bad reputation. It's actually more disturbing to learn that there's a "more mathematical" PUA rating system for women, as if it's any less objectifying and dehumanizing to assign women numerical values like they're livestock if one has to open Excel or whatever the fuck and run a few equations to determine a woman's worth. (NOTE: please don't take this as an invitation to further explain the rating system - just knowing it exists is plenty creepy as is, thank you)

Truth is, the most awkward guy in the word needs not attempt substituting peacock maneuvers for an actual presence and personality. Furthermore, women - tens or otherwise - need not be tricked or negged into believing that a guy who crossed the room to start a conversation with them somehow did this because he was not interested in them. None of this creepy game-playing shit is necessary in the slightest - the secret to talking to women is to just goddamn talk to some women as if they're, I don't know, human beings with thoughts and feelings that a guy shouldn't have to struggle to understand if he listens to them and keeps in mind that, whoa holy shit, he's a human being too. Hot damn, talk about having a lot in common! Awkward guys will find that genuine connections are much easier to make if they are genuine in their conduct and leave off running some weird smoke and mirrors program on the women they meet.

My objections to the whole PUA thing are many, but the worst thing about these notions is how they regard women not as regular people, but as these strange mystery creatures who must be misled with insults and distracted with incongruous nail polish or a big dumb hat or some damn thing. Living, breathing, complex people do not fit into algorithms. That's not how genuine human connections work.

Every time I see the whole PUA deal criticized, without fail an acolyte of the algorithm will come along to claim that the community is misunderstood. I believe that if someone regards the PUA philosophy as weird and sad and skeevy, then they understand it just fine.

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