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Originally Posted by urbanspaceman View Post
He was framed...this is based more than on the alleged victim's bad character. The strong circumstantial evidence is that powerful people wanted Strauss-Kahn taken out, and had motive.

And to do this, these powerful people chose to frame him for RAPE, a crime with a horrendously low conviction rate, AND they chose a drug smuggling immigrant to be their patsy. Are they retarded, these powerful people?

I can jump to conclusions, too. The French people are overjoyed by this news and can't wait to get him elected now. Perhaps HE set this all up to make himself a martyr who would be viewed more positively by the French public. When he ran in 2006 he didn't even win his party's nomination. I find it difficult to believe that the presidency was in the bag for him this time around. However, the irony is now that he's pretty much been cleared, he's more popular than ever over there.
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