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Originally Posted by Blitzgal View Post
And to do this, these powerful people chose to frame him for RAPE, a crime with a horrendously low conviction rate, AND they chose a drug smuggling immigrant to be their patsy. Are they retarded, these powerful people?
Who needs a conviction in court? He was convicted in the media...long enough to replace him at the IMF. Nope, not retarded at all. Cunning and effective.

There's been much speculation about Eliot Spitzer, too. Are these guys saints? No. They have infidelity in their past. But they were both trying to take on Wall Street, fighting some of the biggest forces of fraud and greed in the world. Then they lost their jobs due to widely publicised sex scandals.

Playing the child rapist's lawyer, I would say there's absolutely, positively no possibility of a connection.
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