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. . . don't come around these digs no mo . . .

Today I had a Real Life "LittleBabyFaggot" experience.

Was waiting for a client in Santa Monica, CA when I saw a frail man shuffling his feet and tapping his cane with every step, as he tried to cross 5th street.

When he passed by me, I noticed he had a Hitler mustache.
He was easily in his late 80's and I could not tell his nationality.

This man crossed 5th - (a preferred cut-through-town street) - and my heart was racing, as I just finished witnessing a bizarre act of RoadRage, which ended up with having NINE officers calming these TWO fucking animals down . . . . sorry . . . I'm drifting . . . different story . . .

HITLER managed to make it to the other side of 5th!
Hitler was no chicken!
THIS MAN managed to avoid speeding cars - with one of the slowest feet shuffles I've ever seen.

Forgot about him for a while - until I saw the 'ill facially haired' dare devil coming back toward me, about 30 minutes later.

I killed all running apps on my phone to shoot this:
‪FOR KaTG PEOPLE ONLY!!!‬‏ - YouTube

You really fucked my mind!

Should have only seen a man and another man passing him,
. . . (but if you watch the vid - you know - you just know) . . .

KEITH - thank you!
I said I was gonna stay away from here - as I did, yet I thought you may enjoy this.

CHEMDA - MoM's coming! - - - WHeeeeee

all my best to all
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