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Originally Posted by Sorin Markov View Post
people sueing mc donalds for making them fat, this is a little silly but i feel like we should be holding companies like mc donalds and neutella accountable for how they advertise, and trick stupid people
Yes they trick people.

Mc Donalds puts out salads, and advertises them as healthy, but neglect to point out that with the salad dressing they put in it, they can have more calories than that burger you might put to one side.

Breakfast cereal companies in the US are careful to keep the transfat in their products to 0.49 grams so they don't have to report it. If a product has 0.5 grams or more of transfat in a serving size, it has to be stated on the packaging. To do this they have had to reduce the serving size of a lot of products. I read that one granola bar has a serving size of half the bar, but few have noticed the change.

Health Authorities in the US, recommend no more than 2 grams of transfat a day, yet one granola bar of the wrong brand can give you almost half of that. Add that healthy breakfast cereal, where most people put two to three servings in their bowl, having not noticed the recommended serving size has been reduced, and you are over the limit, before you have any cakes, cookies, doughnuts or any of the other foodstuff that also have 0.49 grams per serving size in them.

The food companies have a lot to answer for.

Replace the sugar in food with corn syrup and feed carefully controlled amounts of it to rats, dogs, pigs or other lab animals, and the animals become obese, whereas the control animals, who have the same food in the same amounts but with refined sugar in it, remain slim.

Look at the food packets and note how many have corn syrup in it. Even Coke uses corn syrup in their drink.

<sigh> is it any wonder why all these fatsos are so fat? Try to find food without corn syrup, even if you make your own, some of the ingredients have it added.
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