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Last year, I saw Eddie Vedder play a few songs that he wrote for the "Into the Wild" soundtrack in Little Rock, Arkansas. (He was there for a benefit show rallying for the freeing of the West Memphis 3, or WM3). To everyone's surprise, Johnny Depp was there too and played a few songs. I'm pretty sure he thought he was still Captain Jack Sparrow when he was on stage. Seeing this unbalanced, stammering and swaying Depp just gives more credence to Keith's belief that actors are just blank canvasses who can be trained to play any role. I really think Johnny got stuck after playing Hunter S. Thompson in "Fear and Loathing..."

On a side note, when a guy asked me why I was there to watch the performances, I decided to fuck with him just a little. I'm sure he was wanting to get into some discussion about how much each other knew about the WM3. I already knew plenty and didn't want to bother comparing notes. I said, "Anything I can do to keep those three monsters locked up for the rest of their lives, I'm doing it." Of course, this turned some heads and I caught a few dirty looks.

Here are a couple of videos I shot of the show.
(These look much better when viewed in HD.)

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