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There is a huge problem with nutrition in our country, mainly because we don’t understand how it affects us. If you follow an organic, all raw, all plant based diet, you are almost promised not to get any type of cancer or any chronic diseases. You can reverse the diseases you already have too. I know it sounds extreme to the general public, but the food you eat does matter. It can have the same effects on your body as any other chemicals like cocaine or alcohol. Of course it’s a different feeling, but your mind is still affected. I didn’t learn any of this in high school either, not from public service announcements or on commercials. I had to dig and use my interest of why we have so many fatfucks. I had to research the reason, and not many people do that. People don’t understand that you need to STOP eating all fast food. All of it. It’s shit. Meat is not something our bodies really need in this day and age, we aren’t starving to death. It’s really sad for me to see my niece walk around with a piece of pizza and a hugegantic cup of coke. Meanwhile, she has anger issues, she’s been held back two years in school because she can’t spell, her mom spends hundreds of dollars on acne medication yet they still feed her this shit. Food is an underlying cause for 99% of our problems, and it makes me sick.

I didn’t mean to go on a super hippi rant, I’m just passionate about nutrition, and I wish this information was more widespread. In my hippi opinion, they should legalize marijuana and make mcdonalds, burger king, pizza hut, etc illegal. Food is killing us. Not drugs.

A few documentaries if you’re interested. All streamable on Netflix.

“food matters”
“Fat, sick and nearly dead”
“the beautiful truth”
“The gerson miracle”

On a side note, I love Lauren a little more every time she's on.
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