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Originally Posted by Snarky View Post
In my opinion, this therapy is way more practical and safe than any type of chemo. I know there are risks, but they are nothing when compared to chemo. What do these negative responses even relate to? Chemotherapy kills you, anything else would be better. I know the Gerson Therapy is expensive, mainly b/c the US won't allow any type of holistic approach to cure cancer. So people are traveling out of the US to be treated. They are not only surviving, they are thriving. People who have been through chemo are alive, but they have serious irreversible side effects.

Another point, when was the last time we heard on TV that someone OD'd on vitamins? Now ask yourself the same about prescription pills. I'm not against modern medicine. I just think people need to know there are other options when it comes to curing diseases, not specifically cancer. I'm not here to sway opinions, I am really here to make my point of view clear. It seems extremely obvious to me that preparing your body for the toxic environment we live in, and curing it with nature makes more sense than pumping ourselves full of chemicals to try to fix an ailment.

Everything is about convenience now. I say my head hurts, the doctor says take an anti-inflammatory medication. But why does my head hurt? Thatís a hard question to ask. Itís easier for doctors to prescribe chemicals because they havenít explored other options. It started out as laziness and morphed into ignorance. Americans in particular are obsessed with convenience and itís killing us. That is the initial point I was initally trying to make. It has really spiraled out of control, haha. All the way to the benefits of coffee enemas.
Two things can be equally true, not just either/or. Prescription meds can be over-prescribed and abused causing tons of issues, and holistic approaches can be ineffective and have no scientific evidence supporting them. Chemotherapy is used because there is clear evidence it does the job of killing cancer. The debate of whether or not the cure is worse than the disease is a very valid one, but it doesn't shed any light on whether or not a holistic approach actually works. Those are two separate arguments. I wasn't familiar with the Gerson method before this thread, but, as Blitzgal pointed out, it unfortunately seems to be another in a long line of snake oil remedies that look to take money from the desperate. The diet is extremely hard to follow, and leaves it open if it doesn work to "oh, you didn't follow it exactly", the monies charged for the services rendered are exorbitant, and the proponents of the medicine would rather point out how persecuted they are rather than do real scientific studies to prove their point. Also, the idea that people are flooding out of the US and to Europe for these radical treatments, or that Europe has some vastly different ideas/standards, is generally not accurate. It's sort of a "over here is unenlightened, over there is not" fallacy. In many cases the United States consults with European nations/governing bodies, and many of the standards and testing for these types of things are extremely similar.

I'm not going to say there's no basis for eating non-processed foods, reducing fats, and eating fruits and vegetables, as that was pretty much the whole basis of the discussion about Lauren's allergy. You asked when was the last time we saw a news story about someone OD'ing on vitamins? Well, if you look at Lauren's story she was overdosing on sugars, causing very serious issues with her brain and higher functioning. The problem seems to be in general people not getting enough vital nutrients, and overdoing bad ones causing a host of issues, but the body is like anything else - overusing even good things can cause very serious problems. You drink a ridiculous amount of water, and you get water intoxication, vitamin D overdose can cause confusion/vomiting/heart issues/kidney stones and is exclusively linked to overusing supplements, and like I mentioned before, you ingest B6 above the known safe levels and you can cause nerve damage. These are just scientific facts, they don't have an agenda attached to them, so it's entirely possible you could see a news story about someone overdosing on a vitamin and having a health issue, but it's just not put in that context. And really, the idea of "natural" v man made is overblown in a lot of cases, as many of our cures and treatments have a derivative of something "natural", and there are plenty of natural things that can cause pretty horrific issues on their own.

I think most of what you're saying is spot on, as it pertains to eating correctly, I just disagree with the Gerson method, and orthomolecular treatments, as they have been pretty thoroughly debunked, and the people who are there main proponents won't do the necessary work to scientifically prove it's effectiveness which could end a lot of the so called persecution.
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