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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
Actually, most of what she says is bullshit. With the only tiny nugget of truth being "it's pretty good to eat well." Eating well is not a cure-all and shoving coffee up your ass won't cure caner. That sensation you feel is the caffeine absorbing into your blood stream through your ass membrane, not tantalizing detoxification.
That's exactly what I said. Thanks for not highlighting the part where I said it because you were sitting on (pun intended) that fabulous bit about enemas and ass membranes that just had to get out there, as it's the modern day "5 words you can't say on TV", and how could you deny the world that? Speaking of enemas, I do appreciate that you're pioneering the field of self-cranial enemas, but those do have the side effect of impairing brain function, so try to practice that moderatly.
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