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Chemda, regarding the riots: as you said, the rational part of your brain shuts off, so in our everyday state we're not a very good judge of how we'd behave in that situation.

And we err on the side of "I wouldn't riot" not to make ourselves feel better about voting. It's kind of the opposite, our brain assumes we're decent people because otherwise we'd just curl up in a ball and cry. Even the most evil fucks think of themselves as do-gooders (terrorists view themselves as freedom fighters when they plant bombs in a school). So we walk around thinking we're great and kind, and thus naturally assume we wouldn't riot.

That's my psych 101 talk, maybe jacey.ATX knows more about these matters.

If it turns out US has secret detention camps where they lock up innocent civilians (not people who get off on technicalities), Keith can retroactively explain why he didn't move.
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