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I've played the last few Call of Dutys and both Bad Company games and I definitely prefer battlefield overall. The huge maps, the vehicles and the distinct classes means you have such a huge variety of ways to play the game. Maybe I'm just no good at COD but I like how in Battlefield you are not always dying every minute (unless maybe the other team is base raping etc) and the game encourages you to work together as a squad and a team. Even playing on PS3 with only 24 players the battles can be really epic - I could easily just watch as a spectator and be entertained.
I don't hate Call of Duty and I do buy the Treyarch games for the excellent zombie mode but I don't think I will bother getting Modern Warfare 3 as I'm pretty sure Battlefield 3 will be sucking up all my gaming time (then Uncharted 3).
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