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Hannibal is the man

Wow. What a great guest. His candor, his cadence, his ...all that. His voice is great. Bring Hannibal back.
On the topic of Eddie Murphy. He should be up there w/ Carlin, Hicks, Pryor, and ...quite honestly...I don't know who else. His performance on RAW and Delirious is...legendary. The best. That being said, this motherfucker doesn't understand how to take a joke??
I am and always will be a fan, however, I fail to understrand why he fucked up his legacy.
I pretend Eddie Murphy died after the 'The Golden Child (Jesus, fuck, he even did GREAT comedy movies! wtf!!) so...i dunno.
Eddie's 48 hrs and Raw still stand up as terrific comedy pieces. Can't we pretend he didn't go the way of Steve Martin? Please??
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