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In my early twenties I worked for Pizza Hut and for a year Pepsico that owns them and KFC etc decided to make the uniforms the same across all their chains. They somehow settled on a horrible shade of green or bright pink as your two options. Delivering pizza in summer to a hot girl I used to go to school with who's wearing denim cut offs and a tank top, while I'm wearing a bright pink shirt and pink hat wasn't the best day I've ever had.

Almost as fun as delivering to horrendously obese people while standing in the rain looking miserable and being told to "cheer up it can't be that bad". I knew when I responded "Oh really? How about you stand out here in the rain while I go inside and eat your pizza" that I wasn't going to be doing that job much longer.

Great guest today. I recognise his pic on his website so I must have seen him on tv before.

Lots of great guests this year that I wish were recurring ones. Do people want to come back? Do you prefer new people? It just happens that way?
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