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Originally Posted by marina View Post
I'm not finished with the episode, but I had to weigh in on the whole, 'if sex hurt you wouldn't want to have it' thing. I had an ovarian cyst for a couple of months and it was my boyfriend, not me, who had to call it quits on the sex until it was taken care of.

It would hurt so bad that I would lay in the fetal position afterwards moaning and crying, but I just couldn't get it into my head before sex that this could possibly happen after sex as long as I had the cyst. Even when the pain would get really bad during sex, I would remain convinced that I could probably power through.

I'm usually a smart woman, but when it comes to getting laid, I'm a total monkey. Granted, I had a lifelong history of really enjoying sex, so if I had a chronic condition like it sounds like Latta's wife has, my story would probably be different. But I'm not so sure. The other day I made a statement to some other women about how great it is after good sex, that your pussy hurts the next day, and they were appalled and had no idea what I was talking about.
When it comes to getting laid im a total monkey that made me spit up my cheerio's i was laughing so hard great line By the way as of this moment 15 people are calling my buddy josh a piece of shit i wish this poll was public i would be interested whether it was just douchbag trolls or if it was mostly female listeners.

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