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Yelling at Cops

Disclaimer: I know it’s not polite to necropost, but I’m paying for VIP and just heard 975 today. I apologize if the following point(s) have been covered in episodes 976-1099 or in another forum posting.

In this episode, Keith complains and can’t understand how kids get away with yelling at cops. I know he goes back and forth between conservative or individualist views and sometimes wanting more government controls, so I wanted to make sure he understands that cops actually have a legal mechanism to deal with a kid yelling at them. I like to call it “Contempt of Cop”.

As soon as you (the officer) are offended, you must be completely quiet and still. If the rude bastard continues approaching you, then that is assault on an officer (the expectation of a battery, at least in Texas) and you are free to commence with an takedown to neutralize the impending physical treat. If the rude bastard turns to leave or does not keep line of sight on your lips, you have them. All you have to do is whisper, “Stop.” If the rude bastard doesn’t, for some reason, hear you and stop, then that is evading police, and you can initiate a takedown to force compliance. I prefer my takedowns to be executed with extreme prejudice, such as a blow to the back of the legs to prevent a flight risk. Should the rude bastard resist in any way, that’s resisting an officer, and you are within your rights to subdue the rude bastard. Like any good, law-abiding officer of the peace, you must remind the rude bastard constantly and loudly to “STOP RESISTING!” as you rain justice down upon them vigorously until the rude bastard stops moving. Here’s a video of how this can play out.

Note that the takedown did not commence until just after the rude bastard turned his back to the officer, thus missing the cop’s directive to stop. To all you rude bastards that MUST act this way, your only defense is to move away from the cop in a manner similar to what Keith describes in episode 827 about leaving the Wailing Wall in Israel. You should never turn your back, keep your palms out and facing the officer, and freeze if you see his lips move. It makes you wonder what people think the wall is going to say or do to them.
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