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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
I laughed out loud when Keith was talking about playing scrabble with the 176 year old scrabble playing woman - "That's not how you spell 'cheese', C-H-E-E-checker piece!"

Always love hearing Myq on the show too. That dude is a sunshine of my life.
I know, I kept picturing her sitting with some scrabble letters, a piece of string, one of her teeth, a penny and some lint.

I voted against Keith running out on the cab simply because the cabbie didn't do anything wrong. I understand that it was the end of a shitty time of being taken advantage of and would have fully supported him taking the bathroom guy's tip jar and running out of the place, but now he has just ruined that cabbie's night and that guy will now go ruin someone else's.

I used to believe that every time you did anything that cost money, you paid it. But I am fully getting behind Keith's idea of payment is closing out a contract. If you have bad food or bad service, why should you HAVE to pay? KATG has definitely helped me become less of a doormat, and I'm in Minnesota where passive aggressive is the lifestyle.

There was a guy talking about foreclosures on NPR in a similar way as well. Letting the bank forclose on your house doens't mean you failed and have ruined society, you are simply breaking a contract and paying the price of that. Both parties walk away. You haven't done a prisonable offense, you have simply made an educated decision to break a contract. There is nothing ethical or unethical about it.
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