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I can't believe Chemda dismissed the Demi 911 call so fast when they said she had smoked something like pot, but more like incense. That is how these "legal pot" products are marketed --- as "Herbal Incense" or "Potpourri". They're legal for God sake, they can't call them pot or weed.

However, more and more people are starting to have bad reactions to this "legal pot". I had a friend of mine freak out, and think the whole world was out to get her, even her closest family. I've never seen anyone convulse from it, but I do have another friend who is a medical doctor, and he has seen people convulsing from it, and he has had people hospitalized for it.

The fact is, and I do agree with Keith and Chemda on this, KEEP IT NATURAL! Even though these Herbal Incense/Potpourri/Spice products may be more "potent" than the pot you're used to, and are legal in most states, there haven't been decades of human testing on it like there has been pot.

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