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Originally Posted by My Sweaty Balls View Post
So Fuckin Michal,

Next time you get into one of these smelly vagina shit shows, simply suggest a "fun shower" together. Using lots of soap of course.

Obviously if she asks "is it because I smell?" you can't tell the truth that would be insulting, so just tell her its because you want to piss on her. Easy peasy.

Of course you don't let her return the favour, no one need piss from that stinky pussy.
...although I like this idea, shouldn't Michael have just sucked it up, been an ass hole, and said "YOUR PUSSY SMELLS LIKE I'M GOING TO THROW UP"? I mean, that would have embarrassed her/made her mad enough that she wouldn't have stayed over with no fucking or pissing required, let alone a shower. I bet his pants stayed on while they fucked

How can you smell that bad and not know? I don't get it.
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