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Originally Posted by Medium Brumski View Post
I'd still avoid creatine. It's not necessary and I'm not looking for a chemical thing to help me out. My personal position on the matter. Plus I'd have to research how to use it effectively and plan my workouts more, I don't want more work, I'm fine with just eating as much as I can, and working out as much as I can.
My old coach and dad were just speaking from their own experiences with other athletes in college, not anyone they were responsible for, but certainly not scientific. From short-term observations different people's natural dispositions would probably be what they were seeing. Ex: Person A is taking creatine, Person B isn't, they do the same workout. If Person B was already stronger, fitter, built better whatever, creatine would appear to not do anything.

I'm curious to see your protein calculations. You can't eat only protein powder though. Wouldn't you have to then spend more money on real food to actually sate your hunger?

This conversation has got me thinking that I'll stop being shy about it and go ahead and in bring in my two lunches, a protein shake, and several snacks to work regularly.
Protein powder isn't a meal supplement. My man drinks it with his supper. So you can eat one chicken breast (say 5$) and 3 tbsps of protein powder in a glass of skimmed milk (say 50 cents) instead of TWO chicken breasts at 10 bucks.

Also, FYI, Greek yogurt has 20% more protein then regular yogurt so if you make smoothies, use greek yogurt.
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