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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
That makes no sense, at least in the way I eat. I set daily calories and eat to hit the target. So for me it's a straight comparison.

FYI, lean chicken is 83% calories from protein, ON Whey is 81% calories from protein, so the comparison is good. Lean ground beef also works (and it's cheaper than chicken). Something like a marbled steak doesn't work, since that has a significant amount of fat (but also way more expensive than whey). Fish doesn't work either, also because of fat, but it's also obviously more expensive.
Huh, I guess we are going about things differently enough that we're not making as much sense to each other as we could. I don't set calories, or count calories or fat or anything. Maybe we should arm-wrestle, or box, or compare abs, or something else suitably homo come April 15th to decide a better system.

Long getting to me.
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