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Originally Posted by Boricua67 View Post
"Pussy should be brushed and mouth should be douched" hahahahahaha.......

From what I heard, it sounds like you walk on egg shells when your mother is around. That sucks. That really bummed me out.
So you didn't do what your mother wanted. So what. Your more successful than probably most of the people you know. Keep doing what you do. I think you and Keith are great. Keep doing you. It makes you happy. Don't change for anyone. I know I speak for all the listeners, we love you just the way you are.
Amen and Well Said! My mother is a southern baptist and I totally understand 'the old way of thinking ' especially when you throw archaic religious texts into the mix...but at some point you have to just accept that your parents...are conditioned and programmed a certain way. Also, I really , really really hope their isn't a KatG episode where we have to hear how devasted Lauren is because you made her ask your father for your hand in marriage. It's understandable you love your folks and God bless you for it, but wake the fuck up if you think they can go beyond their moldy old , old-old perception of a relationship. You do not have to distance yourself from them nor make them be something other than what they are. I believe it was the great Paul McCartney who said, (long before his 82nd marriage) Let It Be !
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