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Just "beat" Skyrim. I say beat because I'm level ~65 and so strong that the game has become a bore. I did like 75% of the major quest lines (didn't do civil war or companions) and see no point in finishing quests where I'll be two shotting people so I can retrieve Timmy's ball that rolled down the road. Overall Skyrim started off great but lost steam once you realize the gameplay is totally lacking and the world is by no means alive. The world waits on you hand and foot.
Before that I played Dark Souls which is far and away the better game. Leaps and bounds better.

Other than those I've been playing A LOT of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition. I'll play anyone in that.

And if anyone wants to play Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 I'll be happy to play. Lemme know.

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