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Originally Posted by Zaumaum View Post
The demo's up on xbox live. It seems a little like fable, but with more generic rpg elements included as well. I couldn't get into it. It overproduced for how clunky it is. I think EA games are usually like that.
I just finished the demo's tutorial section. When it ends it gives you free reign in the game for 45 mins. I don't believe you are allowed to save, but every time you start the demo you can skip the tutorial and just start the game with a new character which is kinda cool.

So far the game could not be further from Skyrim and cannot be compared. It's a little like Dark Souls and a lot more like Dungeon Siege, Diablo, or Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance. So far I do not believe it's open world at all. It plays like a straight up action game with a talent tree and crafting systems, and I don't care for action games like God of War or Devil May Cry.

Oh well, the demo is free. It's worth a try.
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