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I have GPL'd the code and put it out on github. Here is the link to the source code:

Let me know if you want commit access to the repository.

Originally Posted by 89vision View Post
Cool, I haven't done much Android development but i'm a fairly good Java Programmer. I'll help in anyway that I can.
If you want to setup and environment, here is what you need to do:

1. Download and install the latest eclipse (you probably already have this)
2. Download and install the Android SDK and Android Plugin for Eclipse
3. Install the EGit plugin

At this point you will be able to checkout the source code.

1. Import the project from git
2. It might be necessary to convert the project to a maven project. All dependencies are managed by Maven

Google ROME is used for downloading and parsing the RSS Feeds. I will be using the Spring Framework for other items.

One of the next items I plan to implement is an asynchronous downloader so that episodes can be played offline. Also, next on the list is being able to access the live streaming.

The downloader seems like it would be pretty straight forward, however, I am running into issues with what to do with the downloaded file after the episode has gone off the latest 10 episodes that are available in the rss feed. What I am thinking is instead of writing a native player interface in the KATG App, allow them to download them and then launch the native media player. Then they can manage the downloaded episodes themselves and not have to worry about when the episode goes off the rss feed.

As for live streaming, connecting to it is no issue, but i would like to either parse the calendar on the web site and determine if it is live streaming, or check the stream directly before initiating playback.

I am interested in your thoughts. We can take this offline as well. PM me, or hit me up on Google+. We can always fallback to email as well
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