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Another amazing show by an amazing interviewer.

However, (you knew there was a BUT coming) it really bothers me to listen to this guy being so proud over all the things he did to other human beings. It seems like he realizes this to be the case and therefore has changed his attitude. But he also seems proud over his "education" on how to be criminal. It saddens me to hear that someone that is seemingly very intelligent can also hold other people in such little regard, even if it's no longer true.

As Chemda pointed out, his voice changed dramatically when he expressed his disappointment in himself with relation to his mother. I would hope he would be equally disappointed in himself for how he treated other people. But the opposite seems to be true.

I'm not so naive to think that this doesn't exist. It's just that when I hear about people that try to break down their community instead of building it up, I find it very sad.
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