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I didn't listen yet, but I'll comment anyway...

I had a serious girlfriend in high school and we decided to lose our virginity together. We talked about it and planned it out. I bought condoms. I was scared as all shit to buy them, but I decided that if I couldn't buy condoms I wasn't really ready to do it.

So we picked a day when I knew everyone would be out of my house (and a lot of people lived in my house). When I first went in she let out an aahhh . I asked if she was okay, she said yes. I didn't last too long, a few minutes at best. When I was done we were sitting there, naked, looking at each other and she said to me, "WOW!" I said, "yeah! WOW!" She asked, "want to do it again?" I said YES! (ah, to be 16 again!).

This time she had an orgasm.

It was well planned, well thought out and pretty damn good for both of us. It can happen. But I'm sure it usually doesn't.
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