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I don't have much to say about this show.

1. Chemda was 100% gorgeous, if not more - not only looking haawt, but also the way she expresses herself and the twinkle in her eye when she cracks jokes or gasps shockedly in response to her guests. Vivacious I think is one word for it. Hubba hubba is two words for it. I've never been more in love with her than watching her do this.

2. The cutting between the cameras was well done. My favourite shot was the one from further back, where the tops of some people's heads were visible in silhouette, because that gave the best feeling of being in the room for me. If anything I wanted more of that interspersed with the close shots. And a couple of times I wanted another shot (like 4:49 when Chemda's talking to Big Jim and she has her head turned so we can't see her face right as she's calling him an asshole) but overall I thought they were all set up well and the cutting rhythm was good. Interesting that at 7:35 the shot would have been perfect to hide Chemda's dress-tug behind her papers but then it cuts to a shot which most emphasizes it. Not judging the edit one way or the other, just ... interesting.

3. Who do I gotta blow to find out who Miss 27 (at 5:16) is? So hot.

4. Ray DeVito is magnificent - often unintentionally. He's a hilarious combination of the lovable goofus and the frustrating doofus and it brightens up my day whenever he's on a show.

5. Newsy cracks me up. I wish there was a camera following him everywhere. Well, maybe not everywhere.

6. Maybe look into setting the mics up so they're lower, pointing upwards, so they don't obscure parts of people's faces. It didn't roon the video at all, it's just one little aspect which might be easily improvable for next time.

7. My crush on Myka FOX! got even crusher. She's such a beautiful mess. Except that "re" is a dopey shorthand for "retarded" when "tard" does the job so perfectly. Sounds too much like Rhi, and Rhi's awesome.

8. Most tragic tale was Lauren's, because it involved TLC's Waterfalls, one of the worst songs in history. I still find her to be tremendous though.

9. Pat looks weird not wearing a suit. But he's still the best.

Top notch job everybody involved, including the crowd, but of course especially WhatsHerName?.
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