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Originally Posted by dannyhatch View Post
Great stuff. I had a big goofy grin on my face the whole time.
You may actually be one of the cutest people I know. And I have no idea why. :-)

(Thank you for supporting us.)

Originally Posted by codefendant View Post
I understand that Benji and TJ seem to be in a loving relationship and even if they weren't it'd be none of my business anyway. However, treating someone like a dog in public (i.e. yanking a leash they are wearing like that in a public park) is degrading, period. They fact that they consent doesn't absolve the dominant one from responsibility. It's inhumane. It's degrading to the human species. There is something psychologically wrong with both of them.

I wish them both the best. I have never met them, so my insight is limited.
At least none of us have claimed we're a species... Whatevs...

Thank you Keith and Chemda. For everything.

This was wonderful.
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