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Originally Posted by rodimusprime View Post
Sweet Jesus!!!!! So good!!! Fred Phelps part was so great!
Originally Posted by zappbrannigan View Post
Amazing. Each impression segment was better than the last, "climaxing" with the Fred Phelps bit. Not only is James quick, sharp, and hilarious, but a lot of his impressions (Jesse Ventura) are bang-on!
Originally Posted by Robotron View Post
At first I was disappointed when I realized Marc Maron wasn't really on the show, but this went on to be the best podcast I have ever have the pleasure to listen to.
Originally Posted by stevo8523 View Post
The Gary Busey impression was the best!! I think this was the best episode yet. This has to win a few KATGuh awards this year.
Originally Posted by dannyhatch View Post
I honestly almost threw up from laughing so hard at the Marc Maron bit.
Originally Posted by Subsonix View Post
James Adomian is amazing.

Wish I lived in New York so I could go see his show!
Originally Posted by edgycandy View Post
I want this entire episode as my ringtone. The three of you were awesome. I am now obsessed with James Adomian. Gary and Jesse V were killing me. This guy's brain is super human. Thank you for this genius booking and nice titling. USA PRIDE! USA PRIDE!
Originally Posted by littlp View Post
sweet lord in heaven I fucking loved this episode. I'm on my second listen through. Best ab workout ever.
Originally Posted by Amravanti View Post
Great episode. Maybe even better than yesterday's, which was freaking fantastic. Fred Phelps, Gary Busey,Michael Cain, it was all great. Listening to it again on my way from work.

Looking through the show pics, I like how both 20 year old girl Scout Willis, and angry thugs Deejay Daniels both have the exact same tattoo on their face.
Originally Posted by Lantern_o View Post
And sometimes there are just ass kissing cunts like you.
Right. Just me.

Dumb fuck.
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