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Originally Posted by dannyhatch View Post
I don't like to call names on forums...
Just on the Internment podcast?


Originally Posted by Powerhouse
I'm just saying what all of you are too PC to say. You enjoy watching two lesbos get off, but would be replused by 2 men. YET I don't care what 2 adults do in their bedroom, i just don't want to see it. Let hem get married for all i care.
On the mattter of homophobes being molesters just show how ignorant you trully are.
And the assclown that said i must abuse my children hope you rot in hell for saying something so assine
Being tolerant of other people is not being politically correct. Also, don't you of all people call anyone ignorant. Go heckle some more comedians, you "assine" motherfucker.

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