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Sorry it's taken so long to respond guys! Here goes my answers! (This is Gerald by the by)

1. Compare and contrast Keith's and Chemda's management styles.

Chemda is great at micromanaging. She usually has a shit ton of administrative work to get done that she'll ask us to help her with based on what we're good at. Everything from making flyers and looking at videos to getting her seltzer water ready for the show.

Keith usually does his own thing. Gets material ready for the show, looks at audio, it's all stuff that's super specific to him or the show.

But in the end everything we do has to be checked by both Keith and Chemda. One of them never OKs anything without the other.

2. When the guest come, who greets them and entertains them? What happens? Are you allowed to converse with them?

Guests usually come pretty close to show time. Since I'm newer introductions are pretty much always in order but most of the time their attention turns quickly back to Keith and Chemda. There's not really time for entertaining per say. If the guest is early enough Chemda will offer food (as she does everybody) but there's always so much work to be done they're either finishing up something or sort of briefly going over what's been going on in the guests lives.

3. Outside of KATG, what are you passionate about? What are your future plans?

Hopefully one day I'll be a graphic designer of some sort... but we'll see what happens.

4. What makes Keith and Chemda really mad?

Customer service and when we order something that needs to be returned for whatever reason.

5. What makes each of them very, very happy?

When a KATG project works out better than expeected

6. If you were to meet someone through a KATG event to fool around with, what or who are you looking for?

If I told you the answer to this question I think it would hinder my chances tenfold.

7. Who's your celebrity crush?

I'll come back to this..

8. What is your favorite food, drink, drug, color, animal, music, movie, book?

Food: Sushi or Curry. I love anything raw and or spicy
drink: Whiskey Ginger
Drug: Weed or Shrooms
Color: Teal
Animal: I hate animals
Music: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Beach Boys, Bright Eyes, Dandy Warhols, Joy Division, New order, Paganini is my favorite Violinist though for concertos I would have to consider Tchaikovsky's in D major and my favorite pianist would be John Field. The list could go on.
Movie: "Alright Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup" - YouTube Maybe Annie Hall too?
Book: Too many to pick just one but I just finished Foundation Trilogy and it was spectacular!

These questions are hard. Can I amend them..

9. As a listener of KATG, what exactly drew you in? How did you get hooked?

This is going to sound fucking retarded but: Keith and Chemda have always been super earnest and know don't often waver when it comes to their own morals. Though perhaps some people would disagree with shitting in a coworkers desk drawer who brought in shit cookies..

10. When you finish a long day of boring work what do you do?

What does any college student do? Get fucked up PARTY SUPER PARTY!!!!

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