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[QUOTE=Bucho;713465]...You got the films of Scorcese and DePalma and Woody Allen and Spike Lee and even Ivan Reitman's Ghostbusters to growing up watching TV shows like Sesame Street, The Cosby Show, Kate and Allie and Night Court through to Seinfeld, News Radio, Spin City, Friends and 30 Rock. There's that grittiness to the streets and people of NYC that always make it seem far cooler than your LAs or your Miamis. Is there a more passionate city in the US?...[/QUOTE=Bucho;713465]

Agreed! I got into hip-hop in my teens and it was always NYC this and that, I had such a fascination with the place after seeing and hearing so much about it.

It doesn't matter if where you live is not perfect, as long as you feel comfortable there. I know my city of Perth is a relatively quiet, isolated, relaxed type of place but I love it. The fast-moving, entertainment at all hours, mixed culture bag of your New Yorks, Melbourne's, LA, etc... is very alluring but to live, I think I am happy here. BUT, had I grown up in New York and came to visit Perth, I know there'd be no way I'd have the same view.
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