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*Warning - I move in and out of directing comments at McNally and talking about McNally in the same paragraph, sometimes the same sentence! But I have a job to do and can't be bothered tweaking now.*

I love McNally, he's a good guy, and kudos to him for being so open that you could almost count the chromosomes. I hope he listens to the episodes and hears the genuine concern his good pal, Keith, has for him and gives the meeting thing a chance. If there would be anyone who could get through to his brother, it would be McNally since he spent the most time with him growing up. But without sorting through his own problems, I don't know if he can even convey anything other than "I'm sorry, your whole life is my fault" (which is most definitely is not).

There were some things that rubbed me the wrong way but it would have been a pretty boring show had McNally just said, "Oh... I never thought of it like that. Pip pip, lets all hold hands." His opinion may not match mine in a lot of ways but at least he put his side across.

Being taught the importance of money and to not be so frivolous with it at a young age is a great lesson, one I intend to instil with my children. But I hope that when they grow up they realise they need to fend for themselves and become independent. I will ALWAYS be there to lend a hand if they need it in any way, and I could see me handing out a big wad of cash if they were going on some big adventure. But if they are completely able to go out, get a job, and support themselves, I am not going to spoon feed them. They need to know they are their own person, responsible for their own lives and $1000 a month I could hand out to you could be going towards my own retirement or a holiday for me!

Respect and honour what you have been taught by practising what you preach. Live your life and be proud! How proud were you when you moved to Vancouver by yourself and supported yourself? You can feel proud as shit every day and maybe one day send your mother on a nice vacation to New York with the money you have earned.

I met McNally and know he is a good guy. But like all of us, he's got some demons. But unlike all of us, he has a good group of people around him offering their support and concern. You should be grateful for the kind offer Keith made and just go sit and listen.

Edit: Forgot to give mad props to Kyle, you have got your head screwed on and your thoughts articulate everything that was running through my head. Even, "Fuck, I'm tired."

Kyle and Adam both doing security at the same time for the MNIK show... the greatest fuckin ting.
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