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I really like McNally, I think he's a kind, funny soul. I've enjoyed every interaction I've had with the guy. Also, we don't often get to hear somebody's therapy session recorded... if even half the crazy shit I said while drunk and aggravated got recorded and scrutinized I'd probably be unemployed or in jail.

Moving on, I think Canadians are huge pussies. There is no document anywhere that says that Canada has to be little and subservient to America. It is that way because it chose that path. There are a lot of countries right now who are doing their best to shove our American pride up our American asses, and some are doing a pretty good job of it (Canada included), but Canada still feels like a bitch. It's not America's fault that Canada feels like a bitch. It's Canada's fault. Canadians possess the same amount of national pride (per capita) as Americans (they re-brand every American business that operates there with a fucking maple leaf), yet they still have a chip on their shoulder. On top of all of that, they're wealthier than us. Even with all of that, they STILL have huge chips on their shoulders, and I'm not just talking about Keith... I've heard these sentiments expressed over and over by Canadians. Maybe adopt a little smug pride and swagger around what you do have (healthcare, Pamela Anderson, curling, etc.), see where it gets you, and quit your bitching. If you don't like the world, you have every ability to change it. We all do. We're all bags of flesh that die in the end, so get to it.

In this life you can do the shitting or get shit on, and while we aren't all given the gifts that allow us to be shitters, most people take the easy way out and get shit on. I feel Canada has decided it wants to be the bottom in this international scat party, simply because it doesn't know that all it has to do is say "it's my turn to poop". Either shit or get off our chests.
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