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Amid all the anger and vitriol McNally had a point which is summarized by the emperor has no clothes story. Many of you don't understand or disagree with his point but as someone who agrees and understands I can understand why its frustrating that people don't see stuff the same way. Instead they keep telling you that it doesn't matter and they don't care and don't understand why you care. They reduce human history to dog eat dog, good vs evil strong vs weak and ignore the injustice, torture and ignorance which might have put them on top. (also the fact that their "civilization" will collapse)

The socioeconomic machine (not just America) is actually destroying almost everything valuable in the world. Perhaps you understand this and realize that nothing can be done to stop it (which is my stance btw) and that's why you don't care but to be honest for all McNally's human faults I wish more people were yelling about it instead of passively standing by.

Its the ultimate irony that all the people who can see the emperors nakedness are reviled and ignored for their privilege.

On a side note considering all the shit I did to my brothers growing up I am very grateful and lucky that they both turned out totally fine otherwise I would have blamed myself to.
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