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I don't know what McNally is holding on to here. Help was offered and even though he agreed, he seems reluctant, distant, and has already taken a position. He is assuming that his brother is the worst addict amongst the living which makes me wonder has he ever watched an episode of "Intervention". I thought in this episode the climate would change a little, but even more gasoline was poured on the fire. No matter the topic it appears he is an expert in wisdom, and has either tasted the best, or lived the worst. True, alcohol makes us all loose at the mouth and emotions pour faster than the next glass. However, these thoughts were implanted before hand basing by his Twitter messages. I honestly thought before he was just trolling, and getting a rise out of people with the bullshit he was posting. I honestly don't understand how he has this generalistic view of a nation that his own friends don't fit, yet ironically if he was American he would fit.
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